Given the unrivalled conditions of Portugal in general and the Alentejo in particular, a firm commitment to Horse Tourism is possible. In addition to contributing to the Economy, Equestrian Tourism can make the relationship between people and horses, allowing them to ride or contemplate the horse, more widespread. Bearing in mind the Portuguese origins of the Purebred Lusitano and its worldwide acclaim, our country also features a beautiful landscape, a Mediterranean climate, cuisine and air, road and tourism infrastructures, making it possible for Portugal to become one of the best world destinations for this kind of tourism. Alter do Chão will soon have a theme hotel within the Alter Real Stud Farm; besides the Alto Alentejo region also has a reasonable number of stud farms and hotels, which can provide for set up a unique and functional Equestrian Tourism network. The AIHS will discuss the strategic plans for this national tourism segment, making comparisons with other places of the world where Horse Tourism is looked on as an asset.