The AIHS Applied Equine Research Award, designed in conjunction with the Order of Veterinary Physicians and the Évora University, aims to award and reward equine veterinary medical research.

Who can apply?

AIHS Applied Equine Research Award is intended for technicians and students of veterinary medicine, zootechnics, agronomy, among other areas of study related with the Horse World.

Candidates must be 18 years of age or older, individually or in groups, as well as collective persons formed less than ten years ago, who are developing projects that can be beneficial to the equestrian world.


What type of projects can be submitted?

  • Research Projects in equine medicine and production that include original studies or retrospective or prospective studies with scientific relevance.
  • Clinical cases of exceptional interest in the equine area, preferably declared for the first time in the country of origin, or studies on group diseases with an impact on horse breeding.



Application process

Applications are free and must be submitted to, until midnight on November 30, 2020.

All applications must be done in english.

The best 3 projects will be pre-selected and will be invited to present themselves at the AIHS, where the Prize will be awarded.



The prizes will be awarded corresponding to the three best communications – poster or oral communication – in each of the subthemes.

The value of the Awards to be attributed to the Best Oral Communication, in each category, is:

  1. First place – 1500 Euros;
  2. Second place – 1000 Euros;
  3. Third place – 750 Euros.

The value of the Awards to be attributed to the Best Poster, in each category, is:

  1. First place – 750 Euros;
  2. Second place – 500 Euros;
  3. Third place – 250 Euros.


More informations

All official information regarding “AIHS Applied Equine Research Award” will be available at

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