In partnership with Startup Portugal, AIHS created the #AIHSTechForHorses Award for the national and international entrepreneurs network.

The #AIHSTechForHorses aims to promote the connection between the equestrian world and technology-based companies in order to value and transfer knowledge, disseminate scientific and technological culture and support the innovation and development of the equestrian economy.

Who can apply?

#AIHSTechForHorses is aimed to entrepreneurs who develop projects with high growth potential, who bet on innovative products or services that contribute, directly or indirectly, to the dynamization of the equestrian world.

Candidates must be 18 years of age or older, individually or in groups, as well as collective persons formed less than ten years ago, who are developing projects that can be beneficial to the equestrian world.


What type of projects can be submitted?

The projects to be presented may correspond to a new product or service, or a new application of an existing product or service.

There is no limit to the theme or field of ​​presentation of the project, however, those that fall into the following areas are valued:

  • Diagnosis and monitoring of equine health indicators;
  • Innovative solutions in the field of equine food supplements;
  • Equestrian therapies valuation and development;
  • Technologies to support equestrian activity and adjacent activities (including surveillance and/or monitoring systems, geolocation, vital indicators, etc.);
  • Energy management and optimization in processes related to equestrian production;
  • Solutions for the improvement and profitability of resources in horse stables;
  • Management and valuation of organic waste and horse manure;
  • Digital solutions for event and equestrian competitions management;
  • Artificial intelligence (automation including robots, algorithms and information processing).

Application process

Applications are free and must be submitted here until midnight on November 30, 2020.

All applications must be done in english.

The best 3 projects will be pre-selected and will be invited to present themselves at the AIHS, where the Prize will be awarded.



The winner of the #AIHSTechForHorses program will be awarded a monetary grant in the global amount of 5000 Euros, intended exclusively for the development of this project.

Second and third place will be awarded diplomas.


More information

All official information regarding #AIHSTechForHorses will be available at

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